Recruiting and selecting a highly qualified candidate to provide educational, psychological and/ or behavioral health services can be a costly, time consuming, and challenging undertaking.

Quality professionals in our industry require skills and character traits, in addition to educational requirements and certifications. We have first-hand understanding and insight into exactly what is involved in recruiting the ‘right person’ who will provide a ‘goodness of fit’ for everyone involved.

We currently provide a variety of options to meet your highly specific needs:

Contracted Staff– We place a provider or staff member in your organization. We assume the staffing (contractor/ subcontractor) relationship and your organization contracts with us directly for a weekly or monthly fee.

On-Site Supervision and Staffing– We assign an On-site supervisor, who assists as a staffing executive and placement manager, with the appropriate credentials and certifications to meet your organization’s staffing needs. This is especially effective for organizations who need long-term staff with highly specific training.

Temporary To Permanent Placement– We provide temporary personnel that are pre-screened and pre-qualified to your organizational requirements and job descriptions. You have the ability to secure staff in a short time frame on a probationary basis while you or your personnel determines long-term needs, the candidate’s goodness of fit, work ethic and qualifications, before making a long-term employment decision.

Temporary staffing– Your organization can fill an immediate staffing need with a qualified professional with the proper training and credentials. You have the flexibility to determine what the needed duration for the staff member will be, based on the unique needs of the situation.

Our staffing, personnel, provider and placement team was born out of the need to recruit qualified and properly trained professionals by qualified and properly trained professionals. Our process is systematic and stringent, and it ensures confidentiality throughout the process.

To learn more about the screening and selection process, or to inquire about your staffing or provider needs, contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using the form below.