Information for School District Administrators and Parents

Education Designers offers a comprehensive model of service delivery to school districts and agencies. Since August 15, 2005, we have been assisting schools by increasing their capacity to meet the increasingly diverse needs of all learners. We have worked closely with students and their IEP teams (administrators, teachers, related services professionals, support staff, other personnel, and parents) to help coordinate and enhance the quality and effectiveness of the educational, psychological, and behavioral programming and supports available. We are recognized for our efforts and ability to assist students who present with even the most highly challenging behavioral and educational needs.

We have a professional network of highly qualified expert consultants, teachers, related services professionals, counselors, psychological service providers, and direct therapists/ instructional/ teaching assistants. We have served early intervention, elementary, middle, and high school students with a variety of needs across a variety of settings, representing the continuum of special education. Services can be provided on an individualized, referral basis and/ or as part of training to staff and personnel on an outreach basis. We carefully tailor our professional services to the specific needs of the student(s) and setting(s) with which we are working and complete needs assessments to guide proposals for service delivery. Contact us today for more information.

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