If you would like to schedule an intake appointment, you may also send an email to Dr.KimRehak@TheIIBD.Com.

For consideration of your request for educational consultation, you must first provide the following information in your email:

1. Your name

2. Your affiliation or organization (if applicable)

3. Best contact information to reach you, directly (including your email, your phone number, and your physical location/ address)

4. Details regarding the nature of your educational consultation services request

5. If Education Designers believes it is appropriate, a representative will respond to your request to schedule an intake appointment. All intake appointments must be scheduled in person, at the IIBD Service Center. Further assessment, evaluation, or services may be recommended. Confirmation of your scheduled intake appointment is not a guarantee that your request for evaluation/ assessment or services will occur through EDD. You may be asked to bring additional written documentation, provide access to records, and /or more detailed information at the time of your scheduled, intake appointment.

Education Designers reserves the right to refuse and/or deny requests that do not align with the corporate purposes, values, or vision of the organization.

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