Our “Sister Site” Just Got A Major FaceLift. Have You Seen IIBD Lately???

Come On Over And Take A Look!  1. Pediatric Behavioral Therapy Is It, “Open Up And Say Ah” Or Is It… 2. Clinical-Counseling Services 3. ABA Clinical Services 4. Adult Services (In Development) 5. And Much More! Visit: http://www.theiibd.com/ To Take A Deeper Look At What’s Been Going On Inside The IIBD Since 2005. Thank […]

Oppositional, Defiant, & Disruptive Children & Adolescents

Via Pesi Strategies for tantrums, noncompliance, bullying, and other challenging behaviors. Effective strategies for odd, adhd, anxiety, and mood disorders. Improve treatment with better assessment of look-alike disorders. Positive alternatives for your most challenging kids. December Dates In DE, PA, and NJ! Register online at pesi.com!

Training and help is available!

Via Pesi Over 75 Quick, On-The-Spot Techniques For Children And Adolescents With Emotional And Behavioral Problems Featuring Steven T. Olivas, Ph.D., HSP Nationally Renowned Speaker, Behavior Consultant, & Author For nearly 25 years, he has been helping clinicians, school systems, and parents around the country understand and manage the kids and teens most likely to […]

#PowerHour Price Drop Now Through The End Of October!

For the remainder of #October, any of our previously recorded #PowerHour Talks, presented by our very own #IIBD Team Members, are available at a 50% off discounted rate! If you would be interested in receiving more information about this #PowerHour Topic Talk Series, please email iibd@EducationDesigners.org ASAP!

Anxiety Disorders in Children & Adolescents

Via Pesi The increasing rate of stress and trauma to children, which includes divorce, violence in society, the media, and difficulties in the school setting and system, presents a challenge for clinicians to recognize anxiety in children and to help them cope. Dr. van Ingen will teach you how and why anxiety develops in children […]


Via Pesi Psychopharmacology: What You Need To Know TODAY About Psychiatric Medications Improve your clients’ adherence to their meds Practical ways to effectively communicate med information Best meds for each disorder and age group Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, ADHD DSM-5 and psychotropic med use Featuring Dr. Tom Smith, one of the nation’s few combination credentialed […]