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Dr. Rick Kubina teaches data-driven decision making: Supercharge Your ABA Program with the Power of Precision Teaching Get a personal invitation PLUS 1 free CEU! -http://www.chartlytics.com/BACB-Pittsburgh Spinning your wheels as you work on behavior change? Precision Teaching helps by precisely measuring, displaying, and interpreting progress—so you can accelerate learner outcomes. We’re offering a two-pronged crash […]

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Dr. Rick Kubina teaches behavior reduction: Resolving Challenging Behaviors in Half the Time (or less)Get a personal invitation PLUS 1 free CEU! -http://www.chartlytics.com/BACB-InvitationSpinning your wheels as you work on problem behaviors? Precise measurement and data-driven decision making can help you reduce problem behavior more quickly and exactly. We’re offering a two-pronged crash course to get […]


2 years ago today! Ready To Register? Why Power Hours? Time and cost efficient, effective, and convenient workshops and trainings, parent and professional development opportunities. You asked. EdD answered. Your ideas. Your needs. Your topics. Your schedule. Your device. Your location. Contact EdD to register: (e) info@educationdesigners.org; educationdesigners.org P.S. Do you have other ideas […]

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Trying To Bring Ray Cepeda, BCaBA, CBAA, To PA…Help! Flowcharting program/skill sequences across skills domains and calculating the rates of acquisition are two skills that are not often used but are critical elements of program development for both home and school-based educational/treatment programs. This workshop outlines the procedures and program sequences to implement a system of flowcharting. […]

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Yoga & Mindfulness In The Classroom (In PA!) Tools For Improving Self-Regulation, Learning, & Classroom Climate Lancaster, PA 3-13-17 King Of Prussia, PA 3-14-17 Sensory Motor Play In Early Intervention Improving Self-Regulation Social Skills & Development Coming To PA On 3-30-17! Register http://www.pesirehab.com