Do you work in juvenile justice settings?

Are you an educational or mental health professional working with children and youth in juvenile justice settings? This online course will help you learn and implement motivational interviewing techniques to use in your work with your students. MI with Adolescents – Juvenile Justice Settings

Adolescent Training Videos

This link was previously posted for MI with Adolescents – Substance Use. Most answers to questions received can be found when you click the link and watch the video and read the description. This week, look out for the link for another training video in this series via Academy.

Meet Margo!

Margo Bradley is the Operations Manager @  Her direct contact information: 415 332 3232 (8:30-4:30 PST)   For your convenience, Here is a link to access the first training in this series: As always, looking forward to your feedback. Adolescents – Substance Use

ED.D. Input: Professional Development is a MUST DO! Here’s another opportunity from another reputable source. More ideas coming soon!

MI for Adolescent Substance UseAcquire practical Motivational Interviewing tools to help you manage challenging sessions with adolescent clients struggling with substance use. Working with adolescents can be challenging enough without adding substance use issues to the mix. When teens’ age-appropriate desire for autonomy gets compromised by substance use and addiction, it can be difficult for …

Credentials required of all evaluators and other service providers, including therapists, through this particular contracting entity

Here is the list of credentials that are required for all evaluators and/or providers: ·         Resume ·         FBI Clearance- run within the last year, updated once every five (5) years ·         Child Abuse Clearance- run within the last year, updated once every two (2) years ·         Criminal Background Check- run within the last year, updated once every two (2) …