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Individual And Group Counseling In Schools 

Individual And Group Counseling Is Available In Schools.  Counselors: Facilitate Behavior Change and Progress  Practice and Promote Decision Making Skills Develop and Enhance Coping Skills  Improve Relationships  Contact to learn more about the effective individual and group counseling models available for schools.

Meet Mary Elizabeth!

Meet Mary Elizabeth! Mary Elizabeth has experience with children of all ages and varying abilities in special and regular education settings. She has over 10 years of experience using Applied Behavior Analysis principles, strategically, also. In addition to her certificate in ABA, she has excellent planning and organizational skills and highly developed interpersonal skills as …

Meet Melissa!

Meet Melissa! Melissa has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, Early Childhood & Elementary. She is also a Master of Education, Special Education, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, having taken additional coursework to meet the requirements of the Applied Behavior Analysis Certification Program. She is also certified as a Safe Crisis Management Instructor, …