More about the academy….And another important training….

We invite you to go to the main website to learn more about the story behind
owned by Victor Yalom, the son of Irvin Yalom.
As their tagline states, they share our belief that great therapists (mental and behavioral health professionals of all kinds) never stop learning. And one of the most effective ways to learn is to watch master therapists in action. The academy will make it possible for you to do just that at a time and at a location that is convenient for YOU. 

We thought you may find the Back Story of our latest partner in staff training and development helpful:
In 1995, psychologist Victor Yalom videotaped one of his mentors, James Bugental, PhD conducting psychotherapy sessions with the goal of preserving his work to allow others to observe his mastery. One thing led to another, and was born.

Fast forward 20+ years (while all of us have been navigating from VHS and DVDs to a Netflix style streaming services for solo practitioners and multi-user institutions) and they now offer a library of over 300 training videos featuring the leading practitioners of the field. Plus, they publish articles and interviewsblogs and even cartoons—the latter drawn by their illustrious founder and CEO.
Last week, we posted a link to a training dealing specifically with substance use among adolescents. Today, we would like to share another link to a video in this training series which we believe educational professionals working in schools will find useful in their important work with students : MI with Adolescents – Core Concepts

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