Announcing Academy offerings

We are pleased to announce that over the next several weeks, we will be sharing information on behalf of Academy,


We know, understand, and have first-hand experience balancing the demands and responsibilities educational professionals today are facing, doing some of the most important kinds of work, Educating our nation’s CHILDREN.

At a time when the rise in the numbers of children identified with behavioral health concerns is increasing at alarming rates so much so that thought-leaders such as Madeline Bell, CEO and President of CHOP are citing these issues in US News and World Report (Sept. 10, 2018), it is time we start making these trainings more readily accessible to those who need them the most in educational settings.


It can be hard for educational professionals to keep up with their day-to-day responsibilities, let alone take time off for trainings, and it is time that we create more ways for the staff and stakeholders in schools to access this support and  training more easily.

Stay tuned for more information regarding our new partnership with Academy, an organization that for 20 years has been providing “in-depth step-by-step courses”. This important content can be accessed at the educator’s own pace. New skills can be learned and applied IMMEDIATELY to current practices.

Cheers to bridging the research to practice gap… FASTER. Let’s all be part of the SOLUTION. We know better… it’s time we start DOING BETTER.

Your Friends @Education Designers

“Empowering Educators”

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