Upcoming Event

Learning & The Brain Conference

51st International Conference for PreK Through University Educators, Clinicians, & Parents

Reaching For Greatness: Unleash Potential, Passions, And Creative Talents In Students With Cognitive Science

Who should attend?

Educators, parents, curriculum, staff developers, speech-language pathologists, pre-K-12 teachers, administrators, learning specialists, special educators, child psychologists, school psychologists, early childhood educators, literacy professionals, arts, STEAM, technology teachers, personalized, project based learning teachers, superintendents, principals, guidance career and school Counselors, gifted and talented educators, innovation leaders, etc etc etc

Lots of ways to register:

Phone: 781-449-4010 ext 101 or 102

Fax: 781-449-4024

Web: learningandthebrain.com

Email: registration@learningandthebrain.com

Postal mail: PIRI 35 Highland Circle 1st Fl. Needham, MA 02494-3099

November 16-18, 2018

Boston, MA

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