Hole No. Six

“This is one of the toughest driving holes you’ll find anywhere. A great physical and mental test. The drive at six will make this hole one you’ll remember. Ideally, you should hit a 3 wood with a draw that starts just inside the right tree line. You’ll have just a short iron to the green. The stream crosses the fairway about 150 yards from the tee. The green is more than a hundred feet deep, narrow in front and wider in back. Unless you can hit a really high, soft shot, don’t play to the back. The ball will run off the green. Play shots only to that part of the green you can see.”

HOLE GOAL: Play smart. Think about the easiest way to make five and you’ll quite often make four”

Education Designers @ Butter Valley Golf Course




In All Its Forms

Published by Education Designers

Education, Growth, Development International Institute For Behavioral Development DBA Education Designers Est. 2005

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