Parent Training

Parent Training Topics are based on input we have received as well as the expertise of our providers who are currently part of our workshop and in-service task force, designed to provide ongoing support and training to staff and personnel, and parents, family members, and caregivers. If you do not see a topic here that is of interest or that is need-based, please let us know. Scheduling will be based on the availability of our presenters, confirmed number(s) of registrants / registration, location, and spaces available. Contact us for more information here:

Parent Training Topics


Bedwetting and Toilet Training

Trauma and the Family System

The Benefits of Youth in Therapy

Substance Abuse: How to Talk to Families about Drugs and Alcohol

Promoting Pro-Social Behaviors  

Replacement Behaviors

Relationship Building

Physical Fitness and Nutrition for Kids

Helping Youth Achieve Permanency And A Sense Of Acceptance And Belonging

Parenting Education:  Enhancing Relationships By Making Parents Part Of The Team

How to Talk to Teens about Money

Supporting Youth with Incarcerated Parents

Grief & Loss

Death & Dying: How to Talk with Children about Death & Dying

Support For Siblings & Family Members of Children with Special Needs

Developing Emotional Intelligence

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