Happy Holidays!

This year, we would like to express our most sincere and heartfelt appreciation for all of the positive and progressive things going on at EdD, which would not be possible without the parents, professionals, and students we serve, nor without the support and understanding of our own families. 
We are very grateful for the continued focus on education, growth, and development in all of our divisions of practice. This year brought with it many changes as is typically the case with lots of growth and expansion. We are grateful for those who have continued to grow and change with us and for those who have chosen different paths. 

We are a service oriented group and though we have begun work on product development also in recent years, we continue to be thankful for the focus on Our PEOPLE and the people we serve.

We hope you are able to celebrate the joy and hope of this wonderful season with us, with your loved ones, family and friends.
Our admin offices will be closed over the holiday break and we look forward to continuing to serve so many in the new year ahead!

In Service,

With Gratitude,

From All of Us @EDD. 

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