Meet Melissa!

Meet Melissa!

Melissa has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, Early Childhood & Elementary. She is also a Master of Education, Special Education, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, having taken additional coursework to meet the requirements of the Applied Behavior Analysis Certification Program.

She is also certified as a Safe Crisis Management Instructor, and Instructional II Elementary, Early Childhood, Mentally and/ or Physically Handicapped. Melissa has extensive experience providing clinical oversight and supervision to children’s programs, adult programs, and schools to ensure best practice standards. She has designed many behavioral interventions to meet the needs of children, families, and others, and she has worked in collaboration with many educational teams to help monitor progress of goals for students 3-21. She has provided staff development on a variety of topics to a variety of school districts, including Behavior Consultation at the individual, class, and school-wide levels, ABCs of Behavior, Behavior Contracting, Progress Monitoring and Data Collection, and more! Melissa provides clinical supervision, case consultation, and functional behavioral assessments in both educational and clinical settings. Melissa has coordinated and assisted school staff in meeting the specific instructional needs of students who may struggle within the regular education classroom. Melissa was also a teacher herself prior to transitioning into these roles. She has provided clinical training to programs in areas including: Functional Behavior Assessment, Autism Intervention, Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Modification, Documentation, Data Collection, Graphing, Behavior Support Planning, Safe Crisis Management and more. She has also assisted at a number of marketing events describing the services we provide in various vicinities. 

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