Meet Susanna!

Meet Susanna!

Susanna is a graduate of The University of New Hampshire, with an M.Ed. in Special Education. She also possesses New Hampshire Teaching Certification and Pennsylvania Teaching Certification, Special Education, N-12. She has provided direct instruction in strategies that improved planning and prioritizing, organization, increased time on task, task initiation, reading and listening comprehension, impulse control, social skills, regulation, and self-advocacy in students. Susanna has provided education, feedback and support to parents, helping them to advocate and support their child across settings. She has also collaborated with school teams regarding accommodations, modifications, suggestions and IEP implementation as well as with multi-disciplinary mental health teams regarding coordinated care of clients. In addition, Susanna has designed social learning programs based on a cognitive, language based social skills curriculum for children with social learning challenges. She has also worked as a special educator, responsible for delivering reading, writing and math instruction to kindergarten, first and second grade students with various disabilities, created optimal learning opportunities by assessing needs, communicating with a multi-disciplinary teams and flexibly supporting children to achieve their goals. She has also developed IEP’s with multi-disciplinary teams to include measurable and meaningful goals and objectives. Susanna has used programs such as Everyday Math, Multisensory Reading Inventory, Guided Reading, Making Words, Touchmath, and Wilson Reading Program to differentiate instruction and to ensure that children reach their goals. She also helped pilot weekly home communication journals to build a connection with each child’s family and involve families in the educational process, using technology. 

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