Meet Kelly!

Meet Kelly!

Kelly Clinefelter focuses on and celebrates the students she works with, while also encouraging a sense of community in their lives. She is a resourceful professional involved in all levels of student development, including behavioral modification and social growth. She possesses the ability to remain flexible, ensuring that every child’s learning style and abilities are addressed. She is dedicated to creating a stable learning environment and inspiring students to do their best. Kelly is commited to proactive communication with parents through correspondence, email, and meetings to acknowledge superior work and areas of concern. Kelly is certified to teach elementary education and has developed age-level appropriate curriculum for all subject areas, integrated phonics-based programs into the curriculum, handwriting programs, structured whole group, small group, and individualized instructional opportunities, accomodating different learning styles and levels of need, also monitoring student assessment and tailoring instruction, and mentoring other teachers, monitoring learning support students in regular education classrooms, working with team teachers to modify instruction per IEPS, and has been involved in parent conferences and IEP meetings. Prior to joining EdD, she worked in real estate.

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Education, Growth, Development International Institute For Behavioral Development DBA Education Designers Est. 2005

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