Meet Jen!

Meet Jen!

Jen looks forward to continued growth and development as a behavior therapist. She is a talented, degreed professional with a variety of work, research, volunteer, and international experiences. She is comfortable working with students of all ages and backgrounds and has a strong interest in advocacy. She is committed to continued personal and professional development. Jen has a MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution, and a BS in Psychology. She hss also participated in international service projects in 10 different countries. Jen has facilitated language development in children diagnosed with various disabilities and neurological, behavioral, and psychological disorders, including autism spectrum disorder. She has assisted students in classroom settings, encouraging interactions with teachers and peers, also providing therapeutic support to students in the classroom. Prior to her work in education, she assisted with social work in clinical settings, conducting psychosocial assessments, working with treatment teams to create individualized treatment plans, performing case management responsibilities, facilitating family sessions to assess support systems, assisting also with intake interviews and conducting individual therapy sessions under clinical supervision. She worked with survivors of torture and trauma, assisting in social work and helping to meet these clients’ basic legal, educational, and pre-occupational needs. Jen has also served as a research assistant, with focus on the impact of inhibition on memory and recall.

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