Meet Marcie!

Meet Marcie!

Marcie Evangelist has been working as a home-based behavior therapist for Education Designers and IIBD. Marcie is a 2006 graduate of Gwynedd-Mercy University, where she received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. She is a certified Special Education teacher and also holds certification in several other mid-level content areas. She has had the privilege to teach in both urban and suburban schools. With ten years of classroom experience, Marcie has enjoyed her time supporting children with a variety of disabilities, including Autism, Learning Disabilities, and Emotional Disturbances, as well as mental health problems, and has considerable experience working with individuals with physical aggression and self-injurious behaviors.

Additionally, Marcie has experience working with adults with disabilities within her own extended family. Marcie and her family also serve as a Life Sharing Family, in which they share their home with an adult with a disability. Life Sharing is a community-based alternative to group homes, and is intended to be a long-term option for the individuals involved.

As a home-based behavior therapist, she has experience working with preschoolers and adolescents. Marcie’s innate ability to establish a rapport with the individuals and families she supports is complemented by her excellent data collection skills. Marcie is thankful for the ongoing opportunity to provide behavioral support for her clients, and we are so grateful she is a part of our team!

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