Meet Connie!

Meet Connie!

Connie works as a marketing and communications specialist. She has conceptualized and developed advertisements for multiple media types and conducted journalist review for human interest stories around providers and staff members. Connie has submitted articles and news releases to local media and internal news forums. She has attended expos and career fairs as a representative for the Marketing Department. Connie has photographed events and activities for articles, advertising, and web applications and created e-blast newsletters and event awareness. She has also assisted with serving, set-up, and breakdown at events and helped maintain website changes and additions via administrative access, helping to determine the stylistic format appropriate for publication as well as editing content and style to conform to internal brand guidelines. She has consulted with authors of content to resolve publication problems and composed and edited company guidelines, brochures, press releases, and other materials related to publication activities both for internal use and external promotions. Connie has managed the department budget and made maximun use of available funds, overseeing contracts and compliance with authors, translators, artists, photographers, printers, and other vendors. She has also helped purchase and coordinate print production projects with various vendors. Connie has created and implemented marketing materials which effectively describe and promote the organization and its services. This includes materials, brochures, catalogs, logos, ads, presentations, and other promotional products.

She has photographed services for brochures, catalogs and the website, prepared purchase orders, approved invoices, and resolved invoice and receiving issues.

We aren’t kidding when we say, “It LITERALLY takes a TEAM.” We are so grateful for our social media, marketing, and advertising team!

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