Meet Danielle!

Meet Danielle, B.S., Ed.S.!

Danielle holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Doctorate in School Psychology. She is a well-rounded, Nationally Certified School Psychologist versed in assessment, behavior consulting and intervention, group and individual counseling, and crisis prevention and intervention with regular education and special education students, including students with visual impairment and blindness. She has experience conducting Psycho-educational assessment of students with various disabilities including visual impairment and blindness, Functional behavior assessment of children with challenging behaviors, Positive behavior support planning, Working collaboratively with multi-disciplinary teams, Identifying students who are struggling with various social-emotional issues, Developing and implementing innovative approaches to social-emotional intervention, Consulting with professionals and families about behavior, learning styles, development, progress, and providing professional development to various audiences on topics such as social skills instruction, bullying, hidden disabilities and behavior. Danielle has helped implement a school wide positive behavior support initiative, co-developed a unique social skills curriculum to address the needs of the visually impaired population, Developed and presented multiple trainings on issues related to behavior, bullying, and social skills instruction to school staff and other professionals, Received clinical training on the administration of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – 2 (ADOS-2), and is Certified as a Safety Care (training program for verbal and physical management of challenging behaviors) trainer. Danielle has worked with students from 3 – 21 years of age, with a vast range of strengths and challenges. She has conducted threat assessments and crisis intervention as needed, while consulting with members of multi-disciplinary teams in the areas of behavior, learning needs, and social-emotional concerns. She has provided individual and group counseling for students with a wide array of strengths and needs. Danielle utilizes professional development opportunities to develop skills in the areas of assessment, counseling, consultation, behavior intervention and support, vision and crisis management. She has also served as a graduate assistant at the university level.

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