Meet Elise!

Meet Elise, B.S., M.S.!

Elise holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Therapeutic Recreation and a Master’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.

She has served as a recreational therapist, 

facilitating individual and group recreation therapy with adolescents ranging in ages from 9-19, while maintaining a safe and supportive environment. She has developed and implemented multiple creative therapy group schedules for 4 units with a total of 56 clients! Elise has provided monthly progress updates on every student in, in patient programming, based off of treatment objectives and interventions she had previously written upon admission.

Elise has participated in weekly treatment team meetings with many different disciplines in order to fully meet the the treatment goals and needs of the students.

Elise has also provided behavioral and academic support to school-aged children in the classroom, based on positive behavioral support plans. She has implemented goals and programs developed and supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. She has participated in the functional behavioral assessment process.

Elise is a well-rounded therapist and educator, and we are so lucky she is a professional, working as an educational service provider! 

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