Meet Angela!


Angela has a BA in Psychology, MA in Criminal Justice, with a minor in childhood studies and applied behavior analysis!

Angela has served in a variety of educational and clinical roles, including a Clinical Manager/ ABA Specialist; Pediatric and Adolescent Transitional Community -Acute Behavioral Health, where she manages a caseload of 10-20 adolescents aged 11-21 years old, diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities, residing in residential community group homes, under the clinical supervision and oversight of a Board Certified Behavior Analysis, develops behavior plans and conducts a variety of assessments including, preference assessments, functional assessments, functional behavior assessments, treatment integrity checks and AFLS, develops skill acquisition goals and data collection systems to monitor rates of goals and target behaviors, supervised and trained staff on the implementation of behavior plans and skill acquisitions, ABA methods, and data collection, leads and participates in interdisciplinary team meetings, annual reviews, treatment plans, Individual Education Plans and Individual Habilitation Plans, works with school psychologists, nurses, teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, directors, state funders and parents.

In addition, she has provided Consultation and Outreach under the direction of the consultants and BCBAs, observing and tracking student behavior, gathering behavioral data, performing calculations for review by clinical-specific staff to identify and monitor student proficiency and performance levels. She also works directly with an assigned student on a one-to-one basis in accordance with levels of supervision, the IEP, and the established behavior plan and completes various paperwork; e.g., incident reports, student progress reports, behavioral rewards, etc., utilizing a system of documentation that is professional, efficient and accountable, in addition to Providing crisis intervention, as needed, through de-escalation techniques, staff support, and assistance.

Skills/ Expertise: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), individualized educational plans (IEP) individualized communication systems such as sign language or Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS) Discrete Trial Instruction (DTI) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP), Individual Habilitation Plan (IHP), Perform Care New Jersey, Assessment Functional Living Skills (AFLS), Functional Assessment (FA), Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), preference assessments Individual Habilitation Plan (IHP). Abuse/neglect, substance abuse, ADHD, anger management, Autism, bipolar disorder,  conflict resolution, depression, grief/loss, learning disabilities, life skills building, OCD, parenting skill development, peer relationship, schizophrenia, school issues, self-esteem, conduct, ODD ,PTSD, intermittent explosive, school refusal, psychotic symptoms and fears/anxieties interfering with social functioning, semi moderate to severe psychiatric disorders, Neurological impairments and developmental disabilities. So excited highly qualified providers/ professionals are practicing behavior support in our public school systems! 

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