Meet Latia!

Meet Latia, PCA!

From an early age, Latia Johnson has been involved with helping people with special needs, beginning at home with her younger sister. Her mother also worked in the field for several years. In high school, Latia volunteered her lunch and study hall periods to work in the life skills classes. After high school, Latia took a different path going into the arts. Upon finishing college, just as the recession hit, she found work in the pharmacology world as a pharmacy technician.  She worked in that field for 9 years and continues to do so part-time. She also was a teacher for children at a daycare center. After 15 years, Latia found herself coming back to her first love, working with children and helping improve the lives of those living with special needs.
Everything happens for a reason and the life lessons and skills Latia has gained have given her a better understanding of working in the behavioral field. Latia has a passion for reading and researching, and she has a strength and interest in trialing and learning the latest technology.     
Latia is currently a PCA and working on her RBT certification. Her goal is to become a BCBA. We are grateful Latia is a part of our team!

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