Meet Jessica!

Meet Jessica, B.A., M.A.!

Jessica possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Psychology as well, each from Boston University.

Jessica supports pre-school aged children in the school setting and provides individualized ABA-VB based home therapy sessions under the supervision of BCBAs. Her responsibilities include implementing and following behavior support plans, conducting intensive teaching trials, and running other programs determined by the BCBA’s prescription for therapy and treatment, in combination with input from team members, for making progress on behavioral, educational, social, and play goals.

She has also helped establish new classrooms for students with special needs and planned classroom activities, such as games and arts and craft projects, and she has supported students in both group and individualized activities, such as reading and homework. She has also assisted students as a camp counselor and interned at the Princeton Child Development Institute, where she helped record research data and supported students with their academics, ADLs, such as email, exercise, and cooking programs. 

We are grateful for the support Jessica has provided to so many! 

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