Meet Jessica!

Meet Jessica, B.A. in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from West Chester University.

Jessica is an autistic support teacher, developing and implementing an effective educational program for the students assigned to her program and classroom in school district in a SE PA. She works collaboratively with all the members of the educational and clinical support teams involved. She is responsible for the development and coordination of individualized academic, behavioral, and social programming for her students. She determines student progress by collecting and monitoring appropriate and relevant data. She also assists other classroom teachers with instructional strategies to facilitate successful inclusion experiences. She has also served as an inclusive early intervention teacher in Philadelphia, providing monthly workshops to educate parents on resources and educational opportunities available. She has effectively developed and delivered functional curriculum in reading, writing, math, and other core subject areas. She has developed and delivered strong IEP writing skills, in compliance with state and federal mandates. She has effectively managed classroom behaviors and works well with support staff and paraprofessionals. Jessica has also taught in the pre-school setting, planning and implementing a multi-sensory curriculum for preschool aged children. Additionally, Jessica has served as a substitute teacher in multiple school districts in the Commonwealth of PA. Finally, she was a 7th grade Learning Support Teacher, prior to moving to her current position. It is safe to say, Jessica is a true educator, understanding how to develop knowledge and ability in its various forms! 

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