Meet Melissa!

Meet Melissa, M.Ed., BCBA!

Meet Melissa, M.Ed., BCBA!

Meet Melissa, M.Ed., BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), Certified Special and Elementary Educator!

Melissa has been working with young #children and their #families since 2003. While pursuing her undergraduate studies at Gwynedd-Mercy College (University, currently) to obtain certificates in both #elementary and #special education, she provided #home-based #ABA (applied behavior analysis) #therapy for several young #learners. Upon graduation, Melissa began working as an elementary #kindergarten-second grade learning support teacher and was instrumental in assisting her district with the creation of appropriate classrooms for learners with #autism. She continued her #teaching #career by opening a #third-fifth grade #classroom for children with autism in the same district, focusing heavily on #verbal #behavior and applied behavior analysis in the #school #setting. During this time, Melissa continued to further her education and received a Master’s degree in Special Education from Lehigh University in 2011. As Melissa continued to work with individuals who had a wide-range of #behavioral needs, she was determined to seek the best treatment available. Melissa returned to the classroom to pursue a certificate in Behavior Analysis.  She completed the required coursework and hours of experience in applied behavior analysis at Arcadia University. In 2015, Melissa became certified as a Behavior Analyst and is currently working with young learners, their school teams, and families. Melissa embraces the process of #systematically applying #interventions to improve #socially #significant #behaviors for the individuals she serves and looks forward to providing continued services for others in need. 

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