Meet Danielle, MS, BCBA!

Meet Danielle Benner, M.S., BCBA, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Accounting Supervisor, Certified Special Educator, and Reading Specialist!

Danielle is an educator with a wide depth and breadth of knowledge including degrees in multiple areas of the educational arena, such as elementary education, reading, and special education, while also holding certificates in autism and applied behavior analysis and having completed requirements for a reading specialist certificate as well as board certification as a behavior analyst. With a diverse skill set and experience, she possesses a passion for meeting all learners where they are and watching them grow. Her experience started in the classroom as a special educator and as an in-home based behavioral therapist and behavior technician. Upon graduation, she began working as a middle level autistic support teacher, assisting her district in creating a classroom for adolescents with autism with a functional and behavioral focus. During this time, she began her studies in applied behavior analysis and completed her supervised hours under the direction of the International Institute for Behavioral Development and Education Designers, working directly with Dr. Kimberly Rehak and Associates. She continues to work with EdD, and has delivered home and community-based support services for a variety of learners in our behavior support services division in PA. Areas of comprehensive experience include educating adolescents with autism spectrum disorders, reaching struggling readers through research-based best practices, and a renewed interest in early childhood development, sparked by the birth of her daughter. We are delighted Danielle continues to be a part of our team after so many years!

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