TeleProviders In Education 

​At EdD, We Know, Understand, & Believe That Healthy Forms Of Human Contact Cannot Be Replaced By Automated Systems & Technology. We Also Strongly Believe That New Technology Should Be “Leveraged”, Whenever Possible, To Accommodate The Needs Of Our Clients, Thus Adapting More Traditional Educational Approaches & Practices To Better Suit The Lifestyles Of Families & Learners Today. Thus, Our Highly Effective Educational, Psychological, & Behavior Support Services Can Also Be Delivered Using A Computer, Phone, Or Other Device, At Anytime, From Almost Anywhere, Our Clients Are. 

We Are Continuing To Recruit More Educational Professionals Who Are Receptive To Working With Technology For These Reasons And Who Will Continue To Help Turn Our Vision To Better Meet The Changing Needs Of Families & Children Into A Reality.

We Are Absolutely Relentless In Our Approach To Effective Treatment & Will Not Accept Less Here. Our Growing Network Of Tele-Providers Is Truly Committed To The Work We Perform On Behalf Of Our Clients & Continues To Grow & Expand.

At EdD, Our Clients’ Needs Come First. We Are Continuing To Look For More Providers Who Understand This First & Foremost. Do You? Are You Interested In Learning More? 

Contact Today.

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