Personal & Professional Development Opportunity In PA?

Trying To Bring Ray Cepeda, BCaBA, CBAA, To PA…Help!

Flowcharting program/skill sequences across skills domains and calculating the rates of acquisition are two skills that are not often used but are critical elements of program development for both home and school-based educational/treatment programs. This workshop outlines the procedures and program sequences to implement a system of flowcharting. This workshop is for parents, educators, behavior analysts, and all individuals involved in curriculum development for individuals with learning differences. If you are currently applying a Verbal Behavior Approach Model, Lovaas Model, PCDI model or other specific education/treatment model, this workshop is for you because it is the primary goal of the presenter to encourage the attendee to acquire and apply new skills (i.e., flowcharting and calculating the rates of acquisition, etc.) that may benefit the learners we work with at home and at school regardless of the model of treatment being applied.” 

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Ray Cepeda, BCaBA, CBAA is the Founder & Director, ABAskills, LLC
211 Broad Street, Suite 105, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Office: 973-294-8819 • Mobile: 201-841-1705

Email: • Web:

Founder and Co-Director, 121 Learning Works

330 Changebridge Road, Suite 101, Pine Brook, NJ 07058

Office: 973-500-6767 • Mobile: 201-841-1705

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