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This Post, though written several years ago, by Hatboro Pediatrics, provides accurate and still relevant information, as of today, so we thought we might share it as well.
At Education Designers, we provide professional services through early intervention, just like those described below.

If you are looking for clinical services at this critical stage of development in a child’s life, visit theiibd.com for more information or Clinical Counseling Pediatrics On Psychology Today.
Early Intervention? Can You Send it to My Pharmacy?
There are some services of high value for your children that unfortunately we just don’t hear enough about.  It is not sold on shelves and you don’t see commercials or advertisements for it at all.  Parents regularly tell us that they have never heard of it when we recommend it for their children.


What is the context?
When you have a moment, think about how your child is growing and developing.  Are they smiling?  Holding a spoon?  Rolling over?  Sitting up?  Walking?  Do you understand what your child says and means when they speak?  Do others?  Each child is unique in their rate of physical, speech, emotional, adaptive, and cognitive development.  Because you know your child so well, you might notice that she is not sitting up like her brother did at the same age.  While each child does develop at their own rate, some children may have delays in their development which is a cause for concern.


Early Intervention


This is a service in Pennsylvania that provides supports and services to families with children, from birth to age five, with developmental delays and disabilities.  Early intervention services are provided at no cost to families.  The services can include information about how children develop, education for parent/caregiver, family support services, and developmental and instructional therapies to assist in child development.
Talk to Us
You know your child better than anyone else and can be your child’s best advocate.  At our visits we will evaluate each milestone.  Prepare to discuss developmental milestones that you have concerns with for your child.  We may recommend contacting the services offered through the Pennsylvania early intervention program.
You Can Initiate the Call as Well on Your Own
Again – you know your child better than anyone else and can be your child’s best advocate.  When calling the early intervention service office say “I am concerned about my child’s development and would like to request an evaluation.  Can you help me or let me speak to someone who can?”


Who to Contact
CONNECT Helpline: 1-800-692-7288          Children ages: Birth to 5 


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