Immediate Staffing Needs!

​On Behalf Of A School District in SE PA


Supervisory- Delivered by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst [BCBA] or equivalent (credentials required)
Program planning, monitoring, data analysis, program adjustment, and team meetings-

Consult hours                                          37 hours/month  (home/school- includes home team meetings)                        
Training                                                   If Applicable, up to 6 hours for each new staff member                                                      
IEP or School Progress Meetings            Up to 30 hours per year                                                                                            

Direct Therapy- Delivered by PCA                               
Direct Therapy-                                                                                       33 hours week/home                                              
Direct Therapy-                                                                                       Up to 60 hours yearly direct AS NEEDED*                             
* For school breaks longer than 3 days, 1 hour per day of school missed may be provided
Team Meetings (PCA)
Additional 4 hours per month for up to 6 therapists        


**Provider Enrollment Will Be Processed By Amy at admin, following initial screenings with Providers and Staff Placement**

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