Be The Change.

Skinner was indeed, one of the “great ones”.

His teachings are similar to many great teachers, however he was criticized and undermined by individuals who never took the time to truly understand the great wisdom inherent in his teachings. He was falsely accused, condemned, and misunderstood. 

He believed many teachers have not been given an in-depth understanding of teaching and learning. He understood that when behaviors have been rewarded, behaviors tend to occur willingly. If children choose behaviors in order to avoid a repeated pattern of negative reinforcement, while children may behave for a time, they will likely feel as though their freedom is being suppressed. Many parents (and schools) choose to control the behavior of children through negative reinforcement. In other words, misbehavior and disregard of rules results in punishment. At present, behavior analysts have helped parents and schools understand that positive reinforcement should be used to encourage positive behavior, and negative reinforcement techniques should only be used as a very last resort. 

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