Research and Curriculum In Development Opportunity!

Would you like to contribute to the development of a tool that can help many children, families, schools, parents, professionals, you get the idea?

We are currently looking for more sites to pilot the implementation of our curriculum guide and also provide critical input and feedback at this stage of development.

  • Please contact if you are interested in learning more
  • Excellent opportunity for BACB supervision
  • Schools can utilize as part of School-Wide Positive Behavior Support plans
  • Community groups may wish to implement the use of the tool at their sites
  • The tool has been piloted individually and with groups of students and children within their homes, at summer camp, during social skills groups, and at school for several years
  • Social skills and pro-social behaviors included
  • We are continuing to hope to gather more input and insight from parents and professionals and also pilot the implementation of the tool with more children
  • Thank you for considering. We appreciate any contribution or level of support you may be willing to provide at this time! 

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