Here is the information and registration link for the workshop that Jonathan Tarbox and I are presenting in Alhambra, CA on Nov 16. The title of the workshop is ACT for Behavior Analysts: Everything you always wanted to know about private events but were afraid to ask.

In the end, I succumbed to naming the skills we teach in the workshop ACT, though I maintain that a more accurate descriptor is behavioral flexibility training.  

Consistent with the non-agentic stance of radical behaviorism, neither my name nor Jonathan’s appear on the page viewed when you click the link. You’ve got to clink again on the Presenters link to see our ugly mugs and bios. 

Many ACT studies published by psychologists in non-BA journals use self-report measures. In this workshop, I’ll present data from two multiple baseline across participants studies in which we measured socially important behavior at several time-points before and after behavioral flexibility training. In one study, the behavior of interest was child mands-for-rule-changes when the target was tantrumming for rule consistency. In the other study, we measured duration of parent engagement in ABA training sessions for children with autism. 

Hope to see some of you there. The price is very reasonable, and we’re offering CEUs. Feel free to pass the link on to others.

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