Provider Opportunity!


Posted on behalf of a family (this is not a current client with The IIBD or Education Designers, please note. To reply to this post, please use the contact information contained in the post. Thank you.)


We are looking to hire an individual with at least a four-year college degree for full-time day (30-40 hours) weekly employment to work with an exceptional 21 year old male with intellectual disabilities, language processing deficits, and autism; teaching him utilizing the principles of ABA (Applied behavioral analysis), functional language: receptive, pragmatic and expressive communication with others, activities of daily functional living, job skills at volunteer job sites, social/community outings, and attend and participate in other therapy sessions for carry over of skills to rest of team. Prior autism experience or knowledge a plus!

This young man just aged out of his school district placement after 5 years of having an individualized educational program with highly qualified team members that were collaborative and coordinated. We are now creating that same model for him, but into the real adult working world!

To be able to work/teach this young man, it is absolutely necessary for you to connect on some level with him. His high-level interests are: NASCAR, classic restored cars, entertainment wrestling, video games, blooper videos, comedy, acting/improv, history (especially presidents), action movies and helping others!

You must be a self-initiator, outgoing, organized, creative, think outside the box, even tempered but firm, have great follow through, able to collect data, good driver, dependable, reliable, and you must be a team player who can coordinate and collaborate  with all team members.

His program will include securing a volunteer job site!

With the support, guidance, and supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), you must be able to teach him: to finalize his resume and cover letter, how to decide where to look for a volunteer job, secure a volunteer job and teach him skills, etc. at the job site. You also must be living on your own so you understand what it’s like to pay your own bills, feed yourself and keep your place clean because that is part of what you will be teaching: basic cooking, maintenance of his environmental cleanliness , budgeting and money skills, safe use of finances in the community, facilitate coping skills to reduce his levels of stress, grocery shopping, price comparison, estimation, making doctor appointments, picking up his prescriptions, dating, etc. and the list goes on…

You will be trained to: ensure his safety in the community and his personal safety to prevent injury, embed speech and language techniques within programming, utilize principles of ABA, implement behavior management protocols, predict and prevent behaviors, collect data, reduce prompt dependence, prompt self advocacy, facilitate problem solving, motor planning reinforcement and to have foresight to make the known accommodations/modifications he may need to be successful at learning skills set, etc.

This job requires criminal background check, drug testing, fingerprinting, and driver history check. All these requirements will be paid for. Proper dress required- especially on job site, and non- smokers only. Due to the amount of time that will be invested into training you, we require at least a two-year commitment, although this job is funded for his lifetime. The hourly rate is $25-$29 based on your experience, and mileage is reimbursed. Serious contenders, please send your resume to Celia

Also, please include an email that outlines the following:

1. Your qualifications specific to the job description above?

2. A description of your personality and your personality traits.

3. Why you think you would be a perfect fit for this job?

4. What are your interests as they relate to this young man’s interests to allow the connection to occur?

5. Please tell me one thing about yourself that you could put in a bottle and sell for a fortune?


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