Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certificate Course 

Via Pesi

3 Day Intensive Training 

CBT for mood disorders, anger, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse

Difficult Cases, Cluster B & C personality disorders 

1. Apply Evidence Based CBT techniques to multiple symptom sets.

2. Describe methods for conducting CBT psycho education to elicit buy in from most difficult clients.

3. Identify, challenge, and modify dysfunctional self talk, thoughts and core beliefs.

4. Develop case conceptualization skills for treating any DSM-5 condition.

5. List the key components of CBT practice.

6. Implement rapport building tips and tools to improve client relationships.

7. Describe key behavioral activation strategies useful for alleviating treatment resistant depression.

8. Develop strategies for treating depressive relapses.

9. Implement cognitive behavioral methods to overcome intrusive, obsessive, compulsive thoughts.

10. Illustrate key strategies for impulse control used to treat substance use – disorders.

11. Describe exposure and cognitive processing interventions used to treat PTSD and trauma.

12. Utilize cognitive reprocessing for clients with PTSD.

13. List symptom management strategies for personality disorders.

14. Apply DBT skills training for borderline personality disorder.

15. Summarize the role of early maladaptive schemas in maintaining chronic conditions.

16. Utilize schema – based strategies for breaking lifelong destructive behavioral cycles.

17. Describe 8 motivations for parasuicidal behaviors and how to effectively intervene for each motivation.

18. Discuss how family dynamics are affected by an individual with borderline personality disorder and discover how to improve family communication.

19. Acquire suicide assessment skills and learn how to document to minimize liability.

Target Audience:

Psychologists, counselors, social workers, psychotherapists, case managers, marriage and family therapists, nurses, addiction counselors, mental health professionals.


Wednesday To Friday 

October 12-14, 2016


King of Prussia 


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