#Thriving Thursday

It’s Thankful and Thriving Thursday AND Fire Prevention Month…

Yep. It’s Getting Hottt In Here!

Things Have Really Been Heating Up!

Did You Know This Month’s Power Hour Talk Is With The One, The Only Leigh O’Brien, BCBA?


This Talk Is Sizzling, Actually Piping Hot!

Tips To Improve Social Skills: And These Tips Work For Everybody.

Can’t Take The Heat?

Stop, Drop, and Roll on over to educationdesigners.org.

Once you simmer down, contact iibd@educationdesigners.org for more of the registration details and for more red hot information…because this talk definitely deserves some real burn.

We hope you accept this amazing opportunity because we can’t wait to share it with you and watch you share what you learn in return!

P.S. Please remember to practice fire safety this month, and EVERY month. Be sure to check all fire alarms and review your fire safety, drill and evacuation plans.

#Thriving Thursday

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