#TGIFreedom Fridays

2015 Conference!
Oppositional, Defiant, and Disruptive Children and Adolescents: An Intensive Training in Non-medication Approaches to the Most Challenging Behaviors!
Behaviors That Make Us Crazy:
Running out/ away
Refusing to work / help
Yelling/ screaming
Panic/ anxiety reactions
Lack of follow through
Not following directions
Disorders, Assessment of Behavior, Strategies for Symptom Relief, Strategies for Competency Building, Strategies for Brain – Based Interventions, Strategies for Relationship Coaching and Building

Contact us for more information!

ABAI Conference in JAPAN!

Will WE see YOU There?

IIBD’s poster session is scheduled for Monday, September 28, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Our poster is #108 in session #74. You can find our poster board located in the Genji Ballroom and Foyer; 3rd Floor.

We are looking forward to sharing our poster presentation (and 2 LIVE presentations- more to come on those two fronts, later:) at the upcoming International Conference.

We look forward to seeing YOU in Kyoto!

If you have any questions, please email convention@abainternational.org.

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