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People today are getting married at a later age than ever before. Instead of getting married and growing up together, individuals are establishing themselves first — with their career, financial stability and finding their own individuality before pairing off.Does this new paradigm hurt a couple’s chances for long-term happiness? What obstacles does it present to their longevity?

When I have questions like these, I turn to Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity whose TED Talk on the changes in contemporary relationships has been viewed by over 5 million people.

In this video short, Esther traces the emergence of this new norm — the Capstone Marriage — and she explores the therapist’s critical role in helping clients negotiate the balance between individual freedom and commitment in a long-term partnership.

Esther Perel on Couples Today

Don’t miss this one — it’s enlightening information from one of therapy’s most compelling presenters.


Rich Simon
Editor, Psychotherapy Networker

PS, Even if you don’t see couples regularly in your clinical practice, I think understanding the cultural forces shaping couplehood today will be helpful in your work with clients of all ages — especially Millennials.

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