Welcome to EducationDesigners.org The website of The International Institute for Behavioral Development and Education Designers.

The IIBD is an Organization committed to providing educational, psychological, and behavioral health services through assessment and implementation of the most current evidence-based approaches to Human Development. The IIBD designs programs that promote the development of Knowledge and Ability in all of its forms.  By infusing science with the spirit of our organization, our integrated and tailored approaches are progressive, practical, and highly effective in helping people transform and evolve into their highest potential.  We capture and contrive more Socially Significant Behaviors in ourselves and others, thus promoting the Positive Evolution of Humanity as a whole.

We help to engineer learning environments that include the principles of Behavior Analysis so that ALL people can and will make progress. It is our relentless pursuit of positive growth and change, effectiveness, and outcome analysis that has and continues to be the guiding force in all that we do.  It is our most sincere desire to reach and assist as many people as we possibly can, while setting the highest bar for Professional Integrity, Ethical Practice, and Social Responsibility.

We Thank YOU for sharing and joining us in this mission and if you believe we can assist you or someone you know, please contact us.

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